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A matter of pride and a labor of love, great chocolate making requires the best ingredients. Schmid’s Fine Chocolates of San Clemente is proud to source Callebaut® chocolate ingredients. The industry standard for premium Belgian cocoa products, Callebaut® has been crafting ingredients for chocolatiers and confectioners world-wide for over 100 years. Callebaut® also partners with The Cocoa Horizons Foundation to actively support sustainability, fair-trade practices, and community development in West-African cocoa farming communities.

What’s in Our Boxes

All our assortments are available in creamy milk chocolate, intense dark chocolate, or a combination of the two. We arrange most of our boxes in 15 and 30-piece sizes. Our specialty gift, themed, and special event boxes vary in size from 2 to 83-pieces. Our Classic Collections contain gourmet compositions of caramels, creams, nuts, and chews. Truffle boxes offer a selection of delightful ganache coated in a brilliant Belgian chocolate shell. Nuts and Chew boxes comprise of traditional assortments devoted to textures, presenting chewy caramels and molasses à face de crunchy turtles and toffee. Our premium collections combine our very best hand-crafted chocolates from all categories. We also offer arrangements with velvety white chocolate and sugar free varieties.

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