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Seven Ways Chocolate is Healthy for a Woman’s Body, Mind and Soul

Chocolate – particularly Dark Chocolate – is good for your health!

Chocolate contains healthy flavonoids and theobromine which decreases the risk for strokes, reduces body mass, eases inflammation and may even prevent cancer. And when it comes to women, chocolate packs an extra punch of added benefits. Need more reasons to get your chocolate-fix?

Here’s 7…

    • Chocolate reduces blood pressure & the risk of heart attack or strokes.
      The antioxidant flavonoids in chocolate reduce inflammation of the arteries, increases circulation and slow the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood stream. A recent study in Sweden found that consuming up to 2 bars of dark chocolate a week reduced the incidence of stroke by 20%!
    • Chocolate is good for your skin!
      German scientists believe that not only do flavonoids in dark chocolate increase blood flow but they may also be protecting skin from harmful UV rays.
    • Chocolate is good for your brain & improves your math skills.
      Again, we have flavonoids to thank for slowing oxidation of brain cells and increasing circulation to the brain. Not only does this have the long-term effect of staving of strokes, but consuming dark chocolate may have an immediate benefit of improving mental math abilities.
    • Chocolate fights off fatigue!
      Aside from all of its antioxidant benefits, chocolate contains caffeine – about 30mg or a ¼ cup of coffee – which fights fatigue. Good for women AND men needing a boost.
    • Chocolate makes you happy and gets you in “the mood”
      Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which induces euphoria and boosts the sex drive. While tryptophan, also found in chocolate, becomes serotonin – the “happy” hormone – in the brain.
    • Chocolate is good for PMS and Pregnancy.
      The iron and magnesium found in chocolate is proven to ease premenstrual syndromes and is recommended for pregnant women despite the small amount of caffeine.
    • Chocolate is a cough suppressant and fights off tooth decay.
      Theobromine, an alkaloid similar to caffeine, gives chocolate its bitter taste. Its crystalline structure – more prevalent in dark chocolate and cocoa nibs – strengthens tooth enamel from erosion. And the chemical is also being researched as a replacement codeine in cough syrups for its ability to suppress even the most persistent coughs with few side-effects. Letting some chocolate melt down your throat is a sweet remedy!

Chocolate offers a number of health benefits when consumed in regular small amounts. So live longer – Eat Chocolate!

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